Journey to Damascus

The Journey to Damascus is an ecumenical movement under the direction of the Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi whose aim is to promote a renewal or rekindling of life's core religious values. This is accomplished by conducting weekend retreats in Corpus Christi and in Houston which will lead to an individual's becoming more involved in their Church Community including joining groups of Christians who gather regularly to talk about their faith.

Who should go?

The Journey is for Christians who desire firmer foundations for their lives and for fostering unity in Christ.  It is not for theological debate or arguments about denominations.  If you are intolerant of those who see things differently, then Damascus is probably not for you.  It is for building faith and community and not for working through grief or psychological problems.  Don't plan to bring work from the office or have hopes of taking an afternoon off; it is a fulfilling, consuming experience.  Come with open hearts and empty hands.

What is the weekend?

The Journey To Damascus starts with a weekend that begins on a Thursday evening and ends Sunday afternoon.  A program built around 13 presentations and interspersed with periods of discussions, worship and meditation fills the time.  Your weekend lasts only three days but you are invited to build on it for the rest of your life.  After the weekend, those who have attended are encouraged to meet regularly in small groups that challenge and support one another.  They build on what began during their weekend.  The aim is to inspire, challenge, and equip church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, workplaces and community.

For more information call the rectory for more information at (361) 855-7391.

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