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St. Patrick's Altar & Rosary Society

You may be asking yourself, “What is the Altar & Rosary Society, and what are my responsibilities if I become a member?  Do I have to attend meetings?  Pay dues?”  Read on……  The purpose of the A&R Society is to cultivate and promote a greater devotion to Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar through Our Lady as Queen of the Most Holy Rosary; likewise, to employ ways and means to secure the adornment of the sanctuary of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady's shrine.

In practice, we provide a Sacristan and the majority of items in the sanctuary of our church, as well as members who help clean the area and maintain it.  We buy altar cloths, vestments, flowers, wine and wafers, candles, oils, palms, and whatever else is needed.  At times, we also see to the restoration of needed church articles, i.e., obtaining new Holy Water holders, reupholstering chairs on the altar and in the choir loft, and having candle sticks redone.

We invite every lady in St. Patrick's Parish to join the A&R Society and help with its work.  As a member you can volunteer to assist any of the following committees:

Altar Duty

Volunteers choose a month of the year, and once a week during that month they clean: the altar area, the back of the altar area, the confession booths, the candle stands, and they clean and refill the Holy Water fonts.

Telephone Committee

Call a list of members to remind them of meetings, projects, etc.

Prayer Blankets

Volunteers meet once a month to make prayer blankets for the priests to give to the sick people whom they visit.  You do not need to know how to sew.

Christmas Bazaar

This is one of two fund-raisers.  Help is needed to sell raffle tickets, or assist the Arts and Crafts Committee, the Bakery Committee, or the Silent Auction Committee.  We always need help with the set-up/take down of the tables and chairs used during the bazaar.

Card Party

This is the second fund-raiser which needs individuals to promote the event through the Publicity Committee, or volunteers to: sell tickets, work at the Refreshments Table, or with set-up/take down of tables and chairs.

Hostess Committee

This committee needs volunteers to provide refreshments at the monthly meetings (volunteer chooses the month to serve), or at one of the fund-raisers.

Coffee & Donut Sunday

This committee helps serve donuts and drinks in the Parish Hall after Sunday Masses on the Sunday that is assigned to us by the rectory.

Annual dues are $10.00 which is collected during the months of November and December.  And no, you don’t have to attend the monthly meetings (although we would love to see you there).  You can contribute your skills and talents when called upon. 

Altar Duty

Working on God's altar magnifies our prayers.  We invite the ladies of our Parish to help with this work.  Call Mildred Hoffer at 884-5975 if you are interested.




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  Gloria Regna Irene Garcia




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  Dominga Morales  




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